6 Must-Read Personal Finance Blogs that Will Inspire You to Start Saving Now

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Sometimes all it takes to get your finances under control is a little bit of inspiration, and what could be more inspiring than stories of real life experiences? If you need that last push to start saving money now, here is a list of some of the most persuasive personal finance bloggers out there.

1. Creative Savings Blog

The author of this blog, Kalyn Brooke, has a young and fresh perspective on finances; she writes not only about saving money but also about saving time and maintaining a positive home life. On her blog, Kalyn shares her experiences with just about everything from traveling and home maintenance to working and eating. What you’ll like most about this blog - it offers some really creative ways to increase your savings, like frugal recipes and do-it-yourself home ideas. The main mission of the blog is to help readers live a frugal life with purpose, and Kalyn’s inspirational tips and tricks are a great help to those who wish to make their money work smarter.

2. Afford Anything

Paula is a journalist-turned-blogger, and her personal finance blog Afford Anything was created to help readers leverage their money to fund their biggest dreams. Her story is truly amazing - she left her job working in a cubicle, traveled to 30 countries, and now owns six rental property units. She hasn’t had an employer since 2008! Her philosophy is simple - eliminate expenses that don’t matter in order to spend freely on the things that do. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating freedom for yourself by getting your finances under control.

3. Budgets Are Sexy

It’s a commonly-held belief that personal finance is a boring topic to read about, but Budgets Are Sexy aims to change that notion. One of the best-loved personal finance bloggers in the industry, J. Money injects personality and humor into his articles. In this blog, you’ll find useful tips and stories about saving money and achieving one’s financial goals, with an excitement and “you can do it” enthusiasm that make this blog perfect for budget beginners.

4. Our Freaking Budget

This blog by Joanna and Johnny shows that everyday people can figure out complicated financial topics. They are an inspiring couple who aim to share the joys, pains, and realities of living on a budget, showing the average 20- and 30-somethings that it’s also possible for them to manage their money. Our Freaking Budget is an honest story about money management from the basics of saving and overcoming debt to investing and other tips. Reading this blog is like getting useful advice from a close friend.

5. Mr. Money Mustache

If you’re looking for serious financial advice in a casual, entertaining package, Mr. Money Mustache is the blog for you. The author describes himself as a “thirtysomething reitree who now writes about how we can all live a frugal yet badass life of leisure.” Here you’ll find easy ways to save and invest, aiming for complete financial freedom. Moreover, the MMM Forum on the blog covers many reader-posed topics as well. Want to know how to retire at the age of 30? Find out here!

6. Frugalwoods

Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods, the couple behind Frugal Woods, have quite the story to tell. This young couple started their blog in 2014 with the aim to live in the countryside and be self-sufficient. To achieve their goal they embraced extreme frugality, saving more than 70% of their income. By May 2016, they had already left their conventional 9-to-5 jobs and moved to a modern-day homestead in rural Vermont. This blog is an inspiring story about chasing your dreams and not letting financial matters get in the way. To put it in their words: “frugality is what makes our lifestyle possible, but it’s also what brings us peace.”

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