10 Easy Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

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Extended travel can be expensive, but have you considered that you could actually earn money while you’re away from home? We’ve got good news - it’s easier than you’ve ever imagined.

1. Teach a Foreign Language

Teaching your native language is one of the easiest and most lucrative jobs to land while abroad. If you’re a native speaker, you can take a short online course to get a certificate in teaching - some countries don’t even require that much! Try visiting Eslcafe to email applications to schools in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and many other locations.

2. Rent Your Room

Rent out your room on Airbnb while you’re not staying there. It’s possibly to oversee the process remotely; once you’ve mastered the system, offer to do the same for your friends in exchange for a small commission on every booking.

3. Freelance on Upwork

If you’re a full-time traveler, Upwork is a freelance job platform that is definitely worth checking out. There are many jobs available including web design, copywriting, game development, data entry, virtual assistant work, transcription, social media management, and more. The best part? All of these jobs can be done remotely and on your own schedule, leaving you free to do what you want during your travels.

4. Get Crafty on Etsy

Get creative and turn a crafting hobby into a paid gig. By using the selling platform Etsy, you can create your own online shop and sell your products to people all over the world.

5. Start a Travel Blog

If you’re passionate about traveling and love to write, blogging can become an easy way to earn some extra cash. If your blog is successful and thoughtfully developed, it can be monetized with links for affiliate products, paid ads, or sponsored content.

6. Become a Travel Photographer

Why keep your Instagram masterpieces to yourself? Websites like Smugmug can help to sell photos to a variety of travel magazines or business organizations with stock photography collections.

7. Create Travel Videos

If you enjoy taking videos while traveling, consider posting them on YouTube and monetizing them. It may take some practice to develop your skills in filming, editing and uploading videos, but with some marketing and a little luck you might have a good source of extra income.

8. Become a Street Performer

Performing in the street or busking can be a fun and relaxing way to pick up some extra money. If you can sing, juggle, or otherwise entertain people, you’ll have a built-in source of income no matter where you go. Check out this online busking forum to learn more about opportunities and local laws around the world.

9. Try Your Hand at Tour Guiding

Are you a people person? If so, becoming a tour guide will be right up your alley. This easy part-time gig gives you the opportunity to see and study different cultures, visit iconic and historic places, and interact with tourists from around the world. Most importantly, you’ll be earning money rather than spending it while enjoying a foreign city!

10. Use Your Special Skills

Without realizing it, you may already have some marketable skills for earning money on the road. Whether it’s putting your hairstyling skills to good use as a private hairdresser or teaching others how to surf, there are always possibilities to earn money if you think outside the box.

Still not sure? Take inspiration from those who’ve done it!

Nothing can beat real life experience to convince you that making money while traveling is possible. Check out these inspiring stories before you start planning your own:

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