An Interview With World Traveler Arthur Moore

Life lessons -

“I just couldn’t accept that my life is gonna be so boring”

— Arthur Moore

Arthur Moore is a passionate film director, writer, editor and cinematographer. He is also an inspiring example of how to not let money stand in the way of your dreams. Despite having $20,000 in debt, four years ago he managed to break out of his mundane life in Israel. Since then Arthur has visited 40 countries across the globe, and he is not planning to stop.

Firstly, can you please shortly introduce yourself?

I love Truth. So you can definitely call me a Truth Seeker, in all aspects. I Travel the world making films for different people and for my Youtube channel. I love to live fully. I love to be present in what I do, and with people. I love hacking reality. I’m consistently looking for faster and easier ways to get what I want.

In the past few years you have travelled extensively - what was the biggest thing that motivated you to do so?

The feeling that I’m missing out. The feeling that life in Israel is just a given, and I should accept it. But more than anything it was the feeling that I’m becoming like everyone else in the “matrix”. Rent a house, work, try to make as much money as you can, and go out in the weekends. I just couldn’t accept that my life is gonna be so boring. I felt that there is so much to explore and see. The thought that I should just accept my boring life broke my heart. It really motivated me to do something about it. “I don’t know how, but I will travel the world” - I kept telling this to myself and to everyone around me.

Travelling the world is not an easy task - what kind of obstacles did you face?

The main one is money of course. Working as a video editor in a TV channel is a job that pays well, but as we all know TV programs have seasons, and when the season ends, you can find yourself without a job for few months. At that time, I was quite reckless with money. If I had money, I wanted to waste it. When the desire to travel the world came to my life I was 20,000$ in debt. And without a job. I was borrowing money from my brother for rent and food. It’s funny, I literally had no money for food, but I was speaking to everyone about traveling the world. People must have thought that I’m insane.

So how did you do that?

I had few ideas of how to do it, but they all failed. Eventually, what worked was offering my filming and editing skills to a person that was traveling the world already. I’ve sent him a link to my work, and I said that I would love to work with him. To my surprise he replied fast, and said that he is coming to Israel soon to give a few lectures and he wouldn’t mind to have a coffee with me. I did everything I could for him. I gave him my room, drove him around, helped him with whatever he needed in Israel and I worked for free. After few days he offered me to work for him. The first job was in Belgrade. I was amazed. I don’t think I was happier in my life. Since I left Israel 4 years ago, I never came back. I’ve been in 40 countries, and looking forward to explore more. The amazing part in this story is that 2 years later, he told me that he was not really planning to come to Israel. He came because of my e-mail. I talk about this story in this video: 

In what way your life would be different if you stayed in your home country?

I always wanted to have an awakening impact in people’s life. It was always sad for me to see people work so many hours, governments that have control on everyone, rules, laws, all those seemed unnatural to me. People do every day something that they hate and call it a “job” and when they do what they really want, they call it a “hobby” and don’t expect to get paid for it. Isn’t that crazy? So if I wasn’t traveling the world I would do everything in my power to awaken people from the matrix. Whether it is through films or through other means.

How would you describe your life before you started to travel? What have been the main changes in your lifestyle?

What have been the main changes in your lifestyle? My life before starting to travel could be compared to a person that goes to 1 restaurant and is being served a food that he didn’t choose. He accepted that same food for 25 years, because he thought that there is no other choice. I was in a “victim of circumstances” mode. I thought that this is my life, and there’s nothing I can do about it. But there was something I could do. It was always there. I could choose to change it. I could focus on what I want. It took me some time to realise this, but when I did, my life completely changed.

Today my life is designed by my conscious choices. I choose when to wake up, what to do when I wake up, I choose my friends, the country where I live, I constantly meet new people and have new experiences that make me grow as a human being. This would not be possible if I kept believing that I’m a victim of my life’s circumstances.

How many countries have you visited? What was the best place and what was the worst to visit?

You know how in every country there is one street for tourists where they sell everything much more expensive? Even the water is more expensive there? So for me the whole Ibiza island was like that, since the moment me and my girlfriend Lua arrived, we’ve been scammed the whole way. I don’t want to go to much in detail about this, it just makes me angry. However, my favourite country at the moment is India. I feel at home here. There is something about that place, it smiles to me.

What are the most significant (positive or otherwise) moments that you remember from your traveling?

Definitely the moment when I took the bike and went traveling by myself in the North of India. This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve faced fears that I didn’t even know existed. Riding on Indian highways at night when some cars are just flying straight your way. If you’re not moving, it’s your problem. Riding at pouring rain where rain drops are shot straight to your eyes. Seeing places that not only took my breath away, but took my thoughts, doubts, insecurities…all gone in the face of epicly stunning nature. God, was my personal DJ. He spoke straight through the shuffle in my playlist. Jim Morrison made me feel I’m on the right path, no matter where I was going. Hans Zimmers soundtracks made me feel like a star in my own movie. I met people that tried to scam me, met people that made me feel home. and you know what? I met myself on a whole new level. I rediscovered the joy of being in my own company.

What life lessons did you learn while travelling?

Everyone in the world will appreciate a real authentic connection with you. If you’ll be real. you’ll be surprised how much people that don’t even speak your language will like you and want to help you. As far as work and money, I’ve stopped seeing each country as a far away distant place that I have to figure out. If I don’t know something about a place like where to find a job, I just ask. I join Facebook groups, ask friends that have been there, or talk to the locals.

How did you earn money while travelling? What advice could you give to people who want to do the same?

It’s a bit challenging each time, but somehow it works. When I arrive in a new place I start by looking around to see who might need a video, I talk to people, I say that I make films, I post on Facebook etc. If someone starts to be interested I offer them a video for a much lower price than I would usually take and then I make this video the most amazing I can. When I deliver the video, the person is so happy and amazed that they talk about you to everyone they know and become your personal walking advert. The next client that comes to me I charge a bit more. If they ask “why” I tell the truth, “I needed to prove myself in this city and so I did a very attractive price for my first client, but I also need to eat and pay the rent now”. They usually understand. The 3rd client will get the real price that I charge everywhere. This worked many times, the key is to find the first client, preferably one that knows many people.

What tips and tricks would you like to share about travelling in a foreign country?

  • I always write in Facebook “ I’m going to X country, anyone knows a good place to stay for a cheap price?” That helps a lot.
  • I add myself to Facebook groups that travel to that country. They are happy to help as well.
  • Don’t change money in the airport - it’s super expensive. Take the taxi to the city (even without money), change it there and pay the taxi driver.
  • See if there is someone in the airport that might want to share the taxi with you.
  • Other travellers see you as a fellow traveler. they will help you, don’t be afraid to ask anything. Help them if you can, this will be worth it.
  • The more I travelled, the more I got to have friends from all over the world. Those friends would happily host me in their house, help in any way I need. They introduced me to their friends, so that made the circle even bigger. So the best tip is - travel more and be open, you’ll find a lot of friends.

So what would you say is the most important thing in order not to let money matters stop you from pursuing your dreams?

Money has nothing to do with pursuing your dream. Look at me! When I started to travel I had 20,000 $ in debt! Today, after traveling and working in 40 countries I covered this debt and I make enough to continue traveling. Whatever your dream is, you can start doing something about it now. Be creative. Try everything that feels right. Don’t think about money. Think about what you can do now. There is always something. Just start.

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