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13 Powerful Quotes That Will Inspire You to Save Money

While there are plenty of books and websites dedicated to financial education, sometimes the most powerful inspiration for achieving our goals can be gained from the words of a wise person. From Aristotle and Voltaire to Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth Warren, many experienced people have shared fascinating insights on personal finance management. On your way to financial independence, a well-placed quote can help bring your thoughts into focus and provide great inspiration…. Read more

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How To Start Sharing Finances in a Relationship

Once your relationship starts getting serious, it may be time to start talking about finances. Discussing a shared budget can be tricky and often leads to arguments; it’s crucial to remember that with a little practice, open communication and trust, managing your finances together can actually become an enjoyable activity! Consider these few tips that will help you take the first steps toward a healthy financial relationship…. Read more

What is inBudget?

inBudget is a unique solution for making budgets, the way to change your method of personal finance management. Connect with friends, family, and colleagues with private and public budgets.

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