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5 (+1 Bonus) Tips On How To Stick to Your Personal Budget

Committing to a new personal budget is an admirable step, and you should never be discouraged from getting your finances in order. However, we know all too well how difficult it is to stick to the budget that you’ve created. Whether the problem is unrealistic goals, insufficient record-keeping, or loss of interest, the vast majority of budgets fall by the wayside without providing the intended benefit. If you’re planning your first personal budget, don’t despair! With the right mindset and some proper planning, you can create a budget that is easy to follow and provides substantial benefit to your financial well-being…. Read more

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Explore and Inspire with Public Budgets

In today’s content-rich world, you can find advice from experts on just about every topic under the sun. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to redecorate your home, a recipe for an Argentinian soup, or step-by-step instructions on how to file your income taxes, there is probably a credible, well-written resource for you online. This applies especially to the world of personal finance, where many organizations, apps, and individuals offer actionable advice to thousands of readers. However, one element has always been missing from this content: actual budgets…. Read more

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The Secrets Behind Public Budgeting

What public budgets are and why you should care

Apps have become a way of life, adding indispensable tools to a variety of industries and activities. Personal finance is no exception, with dozens of apps on the market offering tools for budgeting and bookkeeping. While all personal finance apps on the market today offer tools for private money management, inBudget is changing the game by creating a new tool: public budgeting…. Read more

What is inBudget?

inBudget is a unique solution for making budgets, the way to change your method of personal finance management. Connect with friends, family, and colleagues with private and public budgets.

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