Is Money Holding You Back from Seeing the World?

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Public budgets will show you exactly how easy it is to travel and explore. Share your experiences and inspire family, friends, and followers to recreate your favorite trips and events. Don’t let the unknown stand in the way of your adventures!

Popular travel and lifestyle blogs feature stories like this all the time:

Travel the World Without Breaking the Bank

This Person Left It All Behind to Motorcycle Around the World

An Incredible Trip Around the World

They make it seem so easy - anyone could do it! But for most people, it’s not so simple. A steady job, consistent expenses, and other financial commitments make it almost impossible to just leave everything behind and start traveling. It’s not easy to follow in the footsteps of these nomadic travelers and recreate their financial decisions.

However, public budgets are changing this situation, offering almost step-by-step instructions for how to visit a particular destination on a limited budget.

What is a public budget?

With public budgets, users can essentially share the financial roadmap for how they visited a certain place or planned a particular event.

Example of public budget use: Two Crazy Weeks in Kyrgyzstan

Experienced travelers can create public budgets to inspire their followers and provide more information about how they achieve their admirable lifestyle. Every expense can be chronicled, from airfare and bus tickets to restaurant bills and souvenir shopping.

Tags, categories, and photos help you to personalize your public budget. Don’t just enter the price of your dinner, include a few pictures to get your readers’ mouths watering! A great public budget shouldn’t discourage people from traveling; instead, it should have followers jumping out of their seats to replicate your journey. Once they see how easy and affordable your trip was, they’ll be dying to do it themselves.

Show them the way

If you want to influence more people to follow your lead when it comes to travel and lifestyle, a public budget is a quick and easy way to inject practicality and realism into your stories. The unknown costs of travel are often the biggest factor preventing would-be travelers from satisfying their wanderlust. Give them the tools they need to travel by sharing your experiences.

Many travelers come back from their journeys with a similar desire: to share their lifestyle and “infect” others with the travel bug. Public budgets are an invaluable tool to spread the joy of traveling, and you’ll be amazed when you see the direct impact of these budgets on your followers’ actions. Try one out today on your travel blog and website and see how reader engagement skyrockets.

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