Magic Behind inBudget

inBudget is a new personal finance tool that is simple, secure, and user-friendly. With the habits and needs of everyday people in mind, inBudget provides all the accounting tools that you need and none that you don’t.

Our team is dedicated to providing a personal finance app devoted to the everyday consumer. There are no complicated or unfriendly platforms with inBudget, only an intuitive interface and efficient tools for keeping track of your finances. We know that this app will be useful for you now and for years to come.

Martins Rudens

Founder & CTO

The start of something simple, beautiful, and useful - something that makes the world better and friendlier. Keeping track of your money doesn’t have to be hard, and inBudget makes sure that your accounting is easy.

Our team values a thorough collaborative process that results in efficient, high-functioning products. Creativity, teamwork, and attention to detail are the defining aspects of our work, and we’re certain that you’ll see it in your results.

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