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Planning -

Six Places to Live That Offer the Best Bang for Your Buck

Need to make a move? Does your job offer flexibility so that you can work from anywhere? If so, these six places (three in the United States and three abroad) offer some of the lowest cost of living expenses in the world. Your salary will go a lot further here, allowing you to live a more luxurious life while saving even more for the future. Much of this data was collected using Numbeo’s cost of living tool which can be used to research all of your future destinations…. Read more

Saving -

5 Small Habits to Improve Your Financial Health

Looking to take control of your personal finance management? Want to end each month with more money in your long-term savings accounts? Try these five simple lifehacks that will improve your budgeting and amplify the effects of your income…. Read more

Budgeting -

Convenience is King with inBudget’s Collaboration Features

Consider this typical situation: you and a group of seven friends have decided to take a week-long vacation to Barcelona. All of the costs will be split between you: transportation, lodging, entertainment, food and other necessities. But as you start making arrangements, you run into some complications. How can you keep track of how much each person owes, what they’ve paid, and where the money is being held?… Read more

Analytics -

Budgeting That Makes Sense: inBudget’s Transaction Timeline Feature

inBudget’s development team is focused on one goal: innovation that leads to simpler accounting. We’ve been hard at work collecting user data to design a flexible, intuitive application that makes sense for everyone’s financial needs. With fully customizable features and a number of intelligent design upgrades, we believe that inBudget is the financial health app of the future…. Read more

What is inBudget?

inBudget is a unique solution for making budgets, the way to change your method of personal finance management. Connect with friends, family, and colleagues with private and public budgets.

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